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Mallet Head

Our long awaited mallet heads are finally here. Introducing the original hourglass design. 

We are pleased to now offer a pre-drilled option for even easier attachment to our Feather or Brutus shafts. Features 14mm opening (at 90degrees center) and matching 6mm counter-sunk opening at the bottom for bolt entry. 

Working with a seasoned Industrial Designer, we evolved our original honeycomb design and built on the theory that a slight curve to the wall allows for better ball control. We have also carefully tailored the wall thickness in different parts of the head in order to reduce weight where it was not necessary, add rigidity and durability in areas that required it and improve the balance from cap to open end. Finally, we added a slight chamfer to the open end, which allows for a thick wall near the opening to reduce shape distortion while creating a large opening for easy scooping.  

These heads are machined in Canada out of solid UHMW rod. UHMW has an extroardinary strength to weight ratio, is extremely durable and self-lubricating. These qualities lead to an ultra strong, yet light head, which effortlessly glides across the court and lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional ABS.


Weight: 96 grams

Length: 5" / 12.7cm

Outside Diameter: 2.5" / 6.35cm

Inside Diameter: 2.125" / 5.4cm


1 Head: $10

2 Heads: $15

3 Heads: $20

6 Heads: $30

Looking for more than 6 heads? email us for bulk pricing & discount shipping rates.

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